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Falewitch Construction Services has the ability to model our entire scope in 3D. This allows for project-wide coordination, more detailed drawings and more efficient field work flow.  We are able to improve productivity and reduce costs through BIM coordination, our drywall milling technology and pre-fabrication processes. By leveraging such technology, Falewitch Construction Services is able to continue to be the Midwest's Premier Specialty Services Contractor. 


At Falewitch Construction Services we take pride in being on the forefront of industry technology and processes. Through the use of Building Information Modeling we are able to model, coordinate, and manufacture before anyone steps on site. This is more than just a 2D or 3D representation, it allows for project wide sharing, coordination and efficiency. Conflicts can be caught and resolved before any costly changes take place on-site. With the ability to model and coordinate with other trades we are able to produce a product of the highest quality in less time. 

What is BIM?


   By accurately modeling our framing members within walls and ceilings we are able to coordinate and collaborate with other trades on the projects team. This process identifies and reduces costly changes before they take place on site saving time and money. 



   Identifying and resolving issues before they become costly has added benefits when it comes to scheduling. Trades are able to visualize and get a better understanding of the project through a 3D perspective. This opens the door to discussion of how the project will be executed. A fully coordinated model allows Falewitch Construction to frame walls and ceilings with openings accounted for before any MEP work is completed in that space. This is a luxury we didn't have with conventional 2D drawings. 

Field Execution and Documentation

   Our 3D model can also help our team visualize framed conditions before they start work. Shop drawings and supplemental documents supply valuable information to our team that helps them achieve unparalleled quality in less time. Whether we are using our drywall milling machine to create perfect corners and intricate shapes, or our laser layout system to accurately layout framing conditions, Falewitch is committed to advancing technology within our company and industry. Our commitment to technology reduces errors, saves project time, and money.    

BIM – Building Information Modeling