West Coast Prefab Manager


Job Description:

West Coast PreFab is looking for a self-motivated person that is passionate about innovation and technology within the construction field and is looking to grow within a fast paced and exciting industry. Our company collaborates with clients using Building Information Modeling (BIM) to help design metal stud pre-fab panels that are used in major construction projects in NE and Iowa. West Coast Prefab has been at the leading edge of innovation within the Omaha construction industry by offering prefabricated metal stud panels for both interior and exterior applications. To further strengthen our position within the market, we are looking for a highly skilled and motivated individual to oversee our prefab operations.

Required Job Duties:

Duties include but not limited to: sales, Project Management coordination between BIM and manufacturing staff, scheduling with clients, procurement of materials, shipping of goods and billings.

Required Skills:

Computer skills, blueprint reading, self-motivated, initiative, conflict resolution, problem solver. Knowledge of interior and exterior systems including metal framing, drywall, weather barrier, and EIF’s are prerequisites to the position. Must be proficient in Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

Please send resume to jfoster@falewitch.com.