Carpenter: Hanger/Framer


Job Description:

Cut drywall to size, carry and hang drywall, use screw gun to attach drywall to wall, cut and frame metal or wood studs to size, put on corner bead and channel. Climbs scaffold over 10ft. Climb stairways, ladders and possibly walk on stilts. Use different types of Aerial lifts.

Required Job Duties:

  • Lifting up to 140lbs (shaft wall)
  • Lifting of  100 to 120 pounds on a semi-regular basis (drywall board). Approximately three times per hour
  • Lifting 40-80 pounds frequently. Approximately six to eight times per hour (smaller pieces of drywall board)
  • Lifting, pushing, pulling 15lbs on a regular and consistent basis. Five to six hours per day
  • Lifting and carrying 10 to 15 pounds of metal and studs frequently. Three to four hours per day
  • Reaching above shoulder and at shoulder height with the weight of drywall, metal studs and screw gun on a regular basis
  • Full use of fingers and both hands required for this manually dexterous position. Along with mental and muscular coordination simultaneously
  • Stooping and walking for eight hours except for lunch and a 15 minute break
  • Erecting and climbing scaffold as high as three to four sections, possibly higher, four to eight times per day when jobs are above ground level

Required Skills:

  • Knowledge of blueprint reading
  • Simple math
  • Ability to read a measuring tape
  • Possess manual dexterity
  • Ability to use a knife in cutting drywall
  • Ability to use and understand various tools including scaffold erection and other related material

Environmental Functional Requirements:

  • Inside and outside conditions, sometimes hot in summer, cold in winter
  • Job site conditions influenced by many other types of trades
  • Intermittent noise
  • Some dusty and dirty conditions
  • Walking surfaces with cords and tools
  • Working on ladders and various types of scaffolds including scissor lifts, perry and frame