Job Description:

Mixing, carrying, lifting of fireproofing/ spray foam material and equipment up to 65-75 lbs. Repetitive work using shoulders and arms. Erect/climb various types of scaffold and aerial lifts to reach different elevations.

Required Job Duties:

  • Lifting 75lbs
  • Lifting, Pushing, and Pulling 10lbs to 20lbs (hose) on daily regular basis, approximately 4 to 5 hours a day
  • Lifting, pushing, holding, and pulling 5lbs to 10lbs (hand tools) frequently, five to six hours per day
  • Lifting and pushing 15lbs (mixer) 3x to 6x per day
  • Pushing and pulling 15lbs material and equipment continuously above and at shoulder height or above with repetitive motion
  • Holding hose 10 lbs. continuously and using in a repetitive manner for up to four to six hours per day
  • Full use of fingers and both hands required for this manually dexterous position
  • Manual dexterity along with simultaneous mental and muscular coordination is an essential job requirement
  • Standing and walking for eight hours, except for lunch and 15 minutes of breaks
  • Erecting scaffold to reach different elevations - Scaffolds components varies in weights from 45lbs to 60lbs or greater
  • Climbing scaffold as high as three to four stories, possibly higher, when jobs are above ground

Required Skills:

  • Knowledge of simple math and geometry
  • Able to read blueprints, physical dexterity, creative, knowledge of building products and applications
  • Able to tolerate heights and weather conditions
  • Knowledge of and working with and disposing of hazardous materials

Environmental Functional Requirements:

  • Job site conditions influenced by many other types of trades
  • Intermittent noise
  • Dusty and dirty conditions
  • Uneven walking surfaces
  • Must be able to climb up and down, work in multiple body positions